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Public Service Loan Forgiveness

With an understanding of the student loan crisis and a passion for building brighter financial futures, we provide Student Debt Solutions. This program is designed to help non-profit and public service workers, like you, determine their repayment options and see if they qualify for student loan forgiveness programs or potential savings opportunities.

See if you qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

New Employees

If you are a new employee, you will be auto enrolled in the Franciscan Alliance, Inc. 403(b) plan at a 3% contribution rate. To find out more about how to complete your retirement plan enrollment, register for online access or to make changes, visit the New Employee participant webpage. 


New Employees: If you were auto-enrolled in the plan, and do not wish to participate, you may stop your plan contributions at any time. Additionally, if in the first 90 days of having contributed to the plan, you are also permitted to withdraw your auto-enroll contributions by completing an auto-enrollment permissive distribution form to have any money withheld returned to you. Please note that there are timing restrictions for this option. Please visit the New Employee participant webpage to find out more.

Franciscan Alliance Inc. 403(b) plan Auto-enrollment Permissive Distribution Form

Existing Employees: If you are an existing employee participating in one of the Franciscan Alliance Retirement Savings Plans, and you wish to take a distribution due to separation of employment, reaching age 59½, disability, death or retirement, you will need to fill out a distribution request form.

Franciscan Alliance Retirement Savings Accounts Distribution Form


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